We are pleased to finally offer our Enclosure options: as with our Hardtops, the Enclosures are designed with function and safety paramount; we aim to provide aesthetically pleasing products in line with the design of your boat. All panels and screens are tracked to the Hardtop and are easily stored. Separate panel/screen purchase available as well.


Forward Enclosure: 7 panels. 3 Forward, 2 Corner + Port & Starboard Panels: 40 mil clear sheet vinyl, Sunbrella fabric facings sewn with Tenara UV resistant thread. Flexible rail track. Full Enclosure available with Phifertex screen.  Latest: Partial Forward Enclosure: 5 panels. 3 Forward + 2 Corner.


Forward Enclosure: Total 3 Panels. Makrolon Polycarbonate, white stamoid facings, kedar welt, PVC track top & bottom surface, center window stores to overhead, 3″ facing on top with 10″ facing on bottom. Sewn with Tenara UV resistant thread.

Corner/Side Enclosure Panels: Total 6. 40mil 20/20 Chrystal Clear sheet vinyl, stamoid fabric facings, 2 track to port bottom – 4 loose fitted with tie-down grommets. Roll to store away from winches.

Screens: Total 5. White Phifertex fabric sewn with Tenara UV resistant thread. Track at top with stainless steel grommets on bottom.

LAGOON 440 NOW AVAILABLE Consists of 3 Forward Makrolon Polycarbonate semi-flexible panels; the remaining optional panels are 20/20 clear which can roll up and an aft phiterftex screen is available.  Sewn with UV resistant Tenara.

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