The Lagoon is regarded as a thoughtfully engineered vessel, designed for performance, comfort, practicality and safety. Its popularity and awards lend credence to that fact. The panoramic view enjoyed from the flybridge steering station is a true differentiator and the Helmsman’s area is a favorite spot for crew and guests to gather and join in the navigation and experience.

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Dedicated Marine is pleased to respond to numerous inquiries regarding full coverage to the flybridge with its new rigid Bimini Hardtop. This Bimini Top allows for full coverage for the complete breadth of the seating area for six plus guests and sturdy access to the boom.






Our upright supports fit perfectly over the ends of the seating area; these combined with two stainless forward supports provide the strength necessary to afford rock solid rigidity to the Bimini Hardtop covering this large flybridge area for the 440. The 450 & 500 have aft stainless uprights.  Dedicated Marine includes functional amenities such as LED lights, a Helmsman’s window and handrails. To augment the weather coverage, fully enclosed & forward dodgers are available. The Top is easily adaptable for speakers and electronics integration and is a perfect spot for solar panel installations.




We created the Hardtop for the Lagoon Flybridge with appreciation of the original design of the boat with respect to its sleek lines, polished finish and focus on the upper steering station as a skipper friendly zone now with 6’3”+ of clearance while maintaining the essential 360 degree view. Our experience in designing and building tooling for aftermarket marine products has lent itself to this Bimini Hard Top that is readily shippable and easily installed.

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Construction: GRP – Foam Core

Height: 6’3”+ height clearance

Weight: Targa Uprights – 45lbs each on 440 – Hard Top – 125 lbs

Finish: Gelcoat (color compatible)



Rear View ProfileSide Profile 

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