paul jackson dedicated marine testimonial

November 17, 2016  –  I thoroughly recommend Chris,
his products and his service.


My experience of Dedicated Marine’s and Chris’ products and service is that I have been delighted with both.
Some background:- We are based in Antigua, W.I. and have a 1998 Leopard 45 named Aftica which I purchased in Coral Harbour, New Providence, Bahamas in early 2012. My wife and I spent a month or so exploring the Bahamas and decided that we wished to replace the existing canvas bimini with a hardtop for safety, sun protection and aesthetic reasons. Having made the decision, I sought advice from friends who are professionals in the yachting industry in Grenada, Sint Maarten and BVI; all recommended that Chris had the best product.We had not heard of Dedicated Marine so I did a bit of background research and consequently contacted him. Chris quoted a spec., price and delivery which we accepted. On the agreed date we arrived at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach FL. Exactly on schedule the next morning the hard top and Chris arrived and 12 hours later the top was installed (it fitted like a glove), the electrics wired up and we were ready to go. Our route to Antigua from Fort Lauderdale took us 950nm east into the Atlantic and then 450nm south on 062W to Antigua. On that voyage the stb lazyjack collapsed in 45kts of wind and I was able to tame the sail due to being able to wander about on the hardtop with complete confidence.

Nearly 5 years since it was fitted, the hard top is in “as new” condition and additionally we have dealt with Chris for davits (which were fabricated in Florida and shipped to Antigua – also fitted like a glove) and a solar package (which has enabled us to remove and sell the Northern Lights 9.2kW generator). All have been very happy experiences.

On the basis of our experience, our next door neighbour in Antigua purchased from Chris a helm bimini for his new Lagoon 450 (Faders Watch) – this was also fabricated in Florida and shipped to and fitted in Antigua.

Whilst we have been sailing around the Caribbean, a number of other Leopard and Lagoon owners have looked at our hard top and I believe that most have subsequently done business with Chris.




Lagoon 440

October 17, 2016.  –  Hi Chris,  My Lagoon 440 is in Freeport Grand Bahama.  The eye of Hurricane Matthew went right over Freeport;  140mph winds were recorded. You installed my hard top 2 years ago at TMM – the boat was called Allison then.  Just wanted to report to you that the hard top suffered no damage in the Hurricane’s 140mph winds. 

Good Job!!  Thanks. – CURT SAUNDERS


eric mears dedicated marine testimonial

May 30, 2013  -This top won’t leak in a rain storm, we can walk on it for better
access to the boom and main sail, or sit on top to enjoy a new view. We haven’t had
time to appreciate it yet, but everyone tells us its a huge upgrade.


“I feel like we’ve been here for weeks, but it’s only been 4 days. Chris Spencer, installing our Leopard 4700 bimini hard top, took care of us all the way. We pulled into the channel after 8 days at sea and were lost, but within minutes, Chris made the calls and told us exactly which slip to tie up to.The real reason why we’re here in Fort Lauderdale is the appointment we made with Chris Spencer months ago to set Makai up with a hard top over the cockpit. It’s a real upgrade for the boat to move from the canvas bimini to this fiberglass top. Thursday morning the top arrived. They fastened it to a crane that was able to swing it’s arm from the parking lot over to the boat.Then gently lower it into place. Chris set up temporary supports and clamped the back to the Targa wing. Then Chris and I went to work. Chris filled the old holes, mounted forward supports filled, ground and blended the fiberglass from the top to the wing, and hooked up the wires to power up the built in lighting.”




geoff and iz prower dedicated marine testimonial

June 5, 2013  – We were impressed by the organization as Chris and his team met us
as we approached the dock, who began removing the old Sunbrella bimini and
frame within minutes of our arrival.


“We sailed our Leopard 47 catamaran from Fort Lauderdale to Tortola, BVI, specifically to have a hardtop fitted by Chris Spencer who was based at Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola at that time.  An hour later, with all that removed, we move Dreaming On to the haul out slip, where our new hardtop was already sitting in the slings of the boatlift awaiting our arrival. Dreaming On was tied down securely to reduce any movement and a skilled operator inched in the hardtop. He was able to adjust the height of each corner of the hardtop so that it fitted in exactly the right place. Chris and his team then had a fairly easy job of drilling and bolting the hardtop to the arch with temporary supports forward. Once the boatlift was clear, the aluminums forward supports and lighting were installed, the joints filled, pained and tidied and we were ready to go. The whole job took 3-4 hours. Installation was extremely efficient and trouble free. This was a modification we have never regretted and every day we and our guests enjoy the vastly improved ambiance that it creates. Our hardtop also now carries four 140watt solar panels.



joe donnaway dedicated marine testimonial

May 30, 2013
 – Chris, The new top is a winner. It looks great


” I’ve had many compliments. It really compliments the boat. I love it every time that I step up top to better flake the mainsail and zip the sail cover closed, not to mention the huge advantage it was in rigging the mainsail. I installed one of the 8 LED lamps on each side aligned with the cockpit table, and used the 16 LED lamps to replace my targa lights. I then replaced the doorway lamp with another matching 8 LED lamp. The lighting is now uniform and nicely balanced.”